• Neuropythy is a Python library that is intended to build on the existing nibabel library. Neuropythy provides easy access to anatomical data stored in FreeSurfer subject directories, and provides numerous utilities for reading, interpolating, and registering cortical data, especially retinotopic mapping data.
  • Neurotica is a Mathematica library that serves much the same purpose as Neuropythy, but for Wolfram Mathematica.
  • SCO is a Python library for predicting the BOLD response in an arbitrary brain (e.g., from a T1 file) to an arbitrary stimulus image (e.g., a PNG file).
  • nben is a Java and Clojure library that contains both a mix of handy clojure definitions as well as some mathematical and optimization libraries in Java. This library is used by both Neuropythy and Neurotica to perform mesh registration.
  • pimms is a Python library that enables various kinds of immutable data support; both immutable calculation pipelines and immutable classes.